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Psoriasis treatment : the topical , photodynamic therapy , drugs

Psoriasis treatment Musab Ali Zoubi

The treatment of psoriasis aims to improve the quality of life of a patient to the maximum extent possible and that by reducing the degree of inflammation and the degree of the skin blemishes and remove the crust and soften the skin and this is what you do in most cases, topical medications , which are used and which ought to mention that the treatment of psoriasis is divided into three main types will be listed as follows :First: the topical treatmentThis means do what is prescribed by the doctor and the use of creams and ointments to the skin and these ointments are used in cases of mild to moderate psoriasis , but in the most severe cases are given ointments with treatments that are given by mouth or photodynamic therapy .Second, photodynamic therapyThis is exemplified by treatment using natural and anthropogenic sources of ultraviolet rays which is the easiest form of treatment for as long as the majority of psoriasis patients undergoing treatment for long periods , have shown some of the scientific research conducted in Egypt over the activities of radiation therapy in the treatment of psoriasis through improved some patients in this disease and still studies work in progress to reach a radical cure by ultraviolet rays , God willing.Third, treatment with drugs that are taken by mouth , injectionIn the case of lack of response from the patient 's psoriasis ways previously mentioned In light of the increasing severity of the disease then turn dermatologists to describe oral medications , injections and some of these drugs are used for short periods and are replaced by alternative treatments and therapies to you this (Retinoids) Ritenoz .This treatment is one of the derivatives Viamuten A and works to reduce the production of skin cells and is effective in most cases , but it causes abnormalities of the fetus if used during pregnancy are advised dermatologists using contraception after using this therapy for a period of three years (Methotrexate) methotrexate .And is one of the effective drugs as well as working to reduce the cells and reduce inflammation , but that has side effects on the liver so it is advisable to work blood tests periodically to check on liver function and also would like to acknowledge the influence of this drug on fertility in men.This works on the immunosuppression treatment and its effectiveness , however, that the similarity of methotrexate side effects on the kidneys and cause high blood pressure , so patients are advised to measure blood pressure on a regular basis and work blood tests to check kidney function .(Hydrox Urea) hydroxyurea .This drug is used often with photodynamic therapy , but not as effective as cyclosporine and methotrexate .Immunobiologics modified immunosuppressive drugs (biological)
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