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Methods of using coal tar for psoriasis


Coal is one of the natural rocks found in the natural and can be obtained from the layers of the earth, and this type of stones of combustible carbon and ignition, and the color is black or dark brown, and consists of a group of chemical compounds such as oxygen, sulfur and nitrogen, Has been used as one of the means to help get the heat and warmth, and with the progress of time was extracted from this coal carbon material was named coal tar, which is currently used in many areas, the most important therapeutic area, so we will present in this article Top information on how to use coal tar.

Information on coal tar diameter
Carbon tar or carbon tar is a high-density liquid that smells like carbon.
The tar material takes the color of coal from which it is obtained, either black or dark brown.
Tar is extracted during the process of producing coke derived from coal.

Methods of using coal tar
This material has been used since ancient times in the embalming of bodies by the pharaohs.
Carbon tar has been used to treat animals suffering from skin-related health problems such as skin rash, allergies, and skin lesions. The method of use is to use the fat of animals infected with tar.
Carbon charcoal tar was used to paint pots to prevent rust.
It was used in the treatment of problems related to hair and scalp, by mixing them with henna ground, and was used in hair dye before the appearance of hair dyes and shampoos.
Coal tar has been used recently in the treatment of psoriasis, which works to reduce the speed of growth of skin layers and thus reduce the problems of skin infections and crusts suffered by patients with psoriasis, and the method of use by washing and clearing the skin area affected by psoriasis, The following week, the area is rubbed with rubbing the skin to get rid of the crusts. In the third week, the area will be covered with a bandage and left overnight and will be removed in the morning. After three weeks it will be noticed. Difference and improve the affected area.

Precautions on the use of coal fructan on the skin
Makes skin more sensitive to sunlight.
May cause health problems in the skin such as irritability and allergies.
Some studies suggest that the use of coal tar may in most cases cause cancer cells in the body.
People with psoriasis, which are formed between the layers of the skin such as armpit and breast area, are strictly forbidden to use this substance.
Cautions to use carbon tar tar on external wounds and infections.